Comet Skirt - Soft Interaction


DISCOVERY (Materials)

1. Flora

2. Accelerometer

3. Switch

4. Neopixels

5. Wires

6. Conductive tape



Comet skirt is a stage costume and mainly serves as decorative and stage purposes. We designed the skirt and connected it to the circuit. We also programed it using Flora to created the soft interactin (based on its motion detection).

For the circuit structure part, the switch is the button that connects to the electric power. Accelerometer and neopixels are connected to the flora which is the micro-controller that control the actions of accelerometerand the neopixels. Accelerometer brings the input data to the flora and the neopixels are the output that generate the lights. Our target users are people on stage because the project mainly serves as decorative purpose and is used in special occasions.



Image above: Showing circuit structure


Project Team: Elle Luo, Manlin Song