Eslucent: An Eyelid Interface for Detecting Eye Blinking



Eyelid stickers are thin strips that temporarily create a crease when attached to the eyelid. The direct contact with the crease that increases and decreases the pressure on the eyelid sticker provides a novel opportunity for sensing blinking. We present Eslucent, an on-skin wearable capacitive sensing device that affords blink detection, building on the form factor of eyelid stickers. It consists of an art layer, conductive thread, fiber eyelid stickers, coated with conductive liquid, and applied the device onto the eyelid crease with adhesive temporary tattoo paper. Eslucent detects blinks during intentional blinking and four involuntary activities by a falling edge detection algorithm in a user study of 14 participants. The average precision was 82% and recall was 70% while achieving the precision and recall of more than 90% in intentional blinking. By embedding interactive technology into a daily beauty product, Eslucent explores a novel wearable form factor for blink detection.






Authors: Elle Luo, Ruixuan Fu, Alicia Chu, Katia Vega, Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao